A couple of days ago I had the pleasure to take part in the First Web.Net European Conference: lots of speakers from all around Europe, 4 different Tracks, 4 rooms always crowded by hungry Developers (I think from 7 different nationalities), and loads of information for us to take advantage of (what a shame that two of the sessions I would have liked to follow were scheduled at the same time of mine, I hope to see some videos A bocca aperta).

Ugo Lattanzi and Simone Chiaretta really did an impressive job organizing this conference and setting up the stage. It surely wasn’t easy to get in touch with everyone, find the sponsors and the rooms to host this event.

I have to admit that when Ugo get in touch with me ‘kindly’ asking (ok, ‘forcing’ maybe it’s the correct word) if I would have liked to host a session, I was a bit scared to not be able to do a good job due to my very tight schedule of these months (which also forced me to stop blogging for a while). But he insisted so much and promised that ‘bad things’ would happen to me in case of rejecting his offer, that I had no choice but to accept.

Looking at it now I really have to thank him twice: this conference was an amazing experience and gave me the change to meet old friends and make new ones, as I’ve also ‘twitted’: having the change to meet personally some of the guys you follow on twitter is priceless.

Seeing so many people really, really, really passionate for what they do to the point of sacrificing a Saturday to take an airplane, a train or whatever they used and move from all Europe to gather here in Italy is a thing that make me proud of being a “Dev”: it’s Saturday, you don’t get paid, you have to travel probably a lot, nonetheless you move your a## and head to the conference to learn new things and meet people like you.

Some Developers are really ‘one of a kind’, and all that were there Saturday, to me, are well suited into that category.

In the end of this ‘emotional’ post I would like to thank again all the Speakers (too many to mention them all, go check the agenda to see of how many names I’m talking about), the Audience and the Organization.

The slides and the samples of my talk: "Real Time" Web Applications with SignalR in ASP.NET, will be made available shortly on this blog or on the conference website.

Cya Next.

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