NUnitit: Visual Studio Addin to support NUnit and some customizations to it

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These days I’m heavily working on NUnit to build some extensions to the testing framework we need on our projects. We need a simple way to launch our tests inside visual studio while developing. Our first solution was to use TestDriven.NET or the Reshaper implementation of NUnit.

However both these approaches have some limitation I actually don’t like, especially when it comes to the use of NUnit addins. Resharper do not have full support installing and using NUnit addins, and will force you to use it’s embedded version of NUnit to let the addin launch the environment and the tests.

I started to look around and found NUnitit on CodePlex, Nunitit is an addin that allows you to run and debug NUnit projects within Visual Studio.

In its actual implementation it has however some limitations: you have to set the project you want to run as the startup project and you cannot run single tests (like for example).

So I took the code and added some of the missing functionalities, now you can:

  • Run the currently selected project in the solution explorer in the NUnit GUI.
  • Run the currently selected project in the solution explorer in the NUnit console.
  • Run a single test (open a file and place the caret on the test you want to run) using the NUnit console.

I posted my code to the original author of the addin, I hope they will be integrated in the official version too.

Here are the code and the installation files:

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  1. #1 da micaleel - Saturday March 2010 alle 01:15

    Thanks man. This is greatly helpful!

  2. #2 da methias - Saturday March 2010 alle 01:15

    I tried running the NUnitit.vs2008.vsi installer and I'm receiving the following error message when it tries to open: "The zip file contains invalid data, and may be corrupt." I've tried downloading the vsi file several times. Thanks

  3. #3 da Guardian - Saturday March 2010 alle 01:15

    try the version at the end of this post: it's has some fixes in it and it should work, otherwise you can download the visual studio project and rebuild the installer.

  4. #4 da methias - Saturday March 2010 alle 01:15

    This works perfectly! Thanks!!!

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