NHibernate Mapping Explorer Preview 2

In the past week I had the chance to make some improvements and fixes to my NHibernate ConfORM Mapping Explorer utility (more info on my previous post: http://www.primordialcode.com/blog/post/nhibernate-conform-mapping-explorer), so here are some of

NHibernate ConfORM Mapping Explorer

Since when I started using ConfORM to map my domain entities I felt the need to have something that showed me what type of mappings it generates; you can easily write tests and export the XML generated mappings (you have examples on how to do this in

Hands on ConfORM: our first pattern appliers (how to customize tables and properties names)

In the previous articles of this series we saw how to initialize the ConfORM engine and how we can use it in an already existing project that make use of XML files to map the domain. This time I would like to show you how you can customize some aspe

Hands on ConfORM: mixed mapping techniques

In the last post we saw how to put ConfORM in action, this time..before digging into what you can do with it I would like to solve a problem that you (like me) will surely have to face if you plan to use ConfORM in a pre-existing project. Let’s cons

Hands on ConfORM: first steps

Days ago in one of my previous posts I talked about ConfORM, let’s see in this very short post how you can put it in action in a very simple test project. We’ll start by creating a function to configure NHibernate: private static Configuration Conf

NHibernate - First impressions on ConfORM

I was very curious when I’ve heard of this project, I’ve used FluentNHibernate as my API to generate mappings in the past, it has its strong and weak points, things I like and things I don’t like much (personal opinions)...so I decided to give ConfOR