For all my Italian readers (especially all that reside in Marche) these are the last few days to sign up and participate at our last workshop of the year.

To sign-up visit the DotNetMarche website:

The technical sessions will be devoted to the technologies you can use TODAY to write a web application, focusing especially on the UI.

We decided to create our own MusicStore sample and build it ground-up with 3 different technologies: Asp.Net classic / Asp.Net MVC + jQuery / Silverlight 3.

The Silverlight version of MusicStore will also use the following technologies:
  • The server side components will use a SQL Express + NHiberante for the data access layer
  • WCF service / HTTP handler : this is the ‘data provider’ of the application to deal with the database and upload files
  • Silverlight 3 for the UI.
We will focus on some feature related to UI building (and patterns if we have time), I’ll show you how to use:
  • Data binding - for displaying and acquiring data
  • Validation - how you can do preventive validation on the UI
  • Control Temples - to skin and change the appearance of control without touching the code
Here are some screenshots of the working application: MusicStore1 MusicStore2 Why Silverlight 3 and not Silverlight 4 ? well as I said before I wanted to show you how you can resolve some problems related to building business application with the technologies you have today. If you have to write something that MUST work and be deployed to a production environment in the next 3-4 months, you cannot rely on software that is still in beta stage, you cannot ask to your customers to install an alpha or beta version or a core component like the SL runtime.

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