Due to the recent release of Asp.NET MVC2 we’ve decided to port Dexter to the new engine; Ugo spent a couple of days reorganizing the repository and doing the porting (you can read more info on his Italian blog: http://www.tostring.it).

We’ve just fixed some of the bugs that arose after the porting...one them will require some further investigation and will be the subject for a next post :)

If you’re interested in giving a look to the project go to our Codeplex page (http://dexterblogengine.codeplex.com/), I recommend you to perform a fresh checkout to a new directory because many things were relocated.

We’ve switched the developing environment to Visual Studio 2010, if you have troubles in installing Asp.NET MVC2 in your developing machine, you can follow the guideline given in this post: Installing ASP.NET MVC 2 RTM on Visual Studio 2010 RC.

To see the new version of Dexter in action you don’t have to go too far: this blog (and Ugo’s blog too) now runs with the current Trunk version with supports MVC2!

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