In the first days of August I have created a brand new GMail account to use some of thervices Google provided...15 to 20 days later I had to access that account via web interface...unfortunately happened that I had forgot the password and after some attempt the system blocked my account.

I tried every so-called password recovery procedure that google has, tried to fill every form they provide with all the in formation I could remind and this was their automated reply:

"Thank you for your report. The account in question is disabled, and we
can't provide you with access to it. For more information about disabled
accounts, please visit the following link in the Google Accounts Help
Center: ... etc etc..."

which basically brought me to the same password recovery shit tried before.

I tried to look in their user assistance forum and saw that many many people have the same problem...after an account block it seems there's no way to resume it, writing to the assistance center is pointless..they don't reply anyway.

As you can immagine I'm a bit disappointed by the low quality of the service provided by google with GMail, I have many free emails account made with different companies that offers similar services and it never happened something like this.