Two days ago I installed Internet Explorer 8 and I have to admit I was quite satisfied by its performance... it seemed more responsive and with faster load times compared to Ie7.

However today I started to experience the first Windows Vista (I have an Italian version of the operating system) I noticed that each time I opened a new folder on the file system, it would open in a new window, totally ignoring the option to open it in the same window (I’ve double checked both the option and the registry keys to make sure the settings were correct).

The second strange thing was the fact that TestDriven.Net option ‘Test with...debugger’ stopped working. I’ve spent 2 hours messing with the registry keys and similar trying to figure out the problem without success.

The last option I had was to check for whatever I’ve installed in the last days and guess what? After removing Ie8 and restarting everything started to work again.

To uninstall Internet Explorer 8, go to Control Panel, and click on Uninstall Programs link or Programs and Features icon. Then on Tasks pane on the left, click on View installed updates link. Locate and select Windows Internet Explorer 8.

I’ll install it again (in a virtual machine this time) and try to investigate the problem more when I have time.


I tried to install it again to see if some updates solved the issue, but once again I had no luck. I decided to spent some time again looking for a solution and I saw that many guys around had the same issue and resolved it just launching IE8 with Administrative privileges. It obviously did not work for me :).

Then I found some posts of people that propose registry hacks, I tried them with no luck until I found this post on eggheadcafe:

*  open a new "Command Prompt" window by right-clicking and selecting "Run
as administrator";
*  at the prompt, run the command "regsvr32 actxprxy.dll".

registering this DLL solved all the problems for me.