Due to the recent problems with our web site host we were forced to do some changes to our blogs and we ended up registering our own domains. After some thinking I also decided to change the name of the blog to reflect the domain name I chosen.

I will keep on using the ‘Guardian’ nickname, as I always did in the past (for those that are curious it derives directly from my name, Alessandro in fact means protector, defender in short... a Guardian).

Then why choosing ‘PrimordialCode’ as the name of the blog? Well, my personal moniker (created by my beloved lady) has been the ‘Pig-tailed Mammoth’ for so long! And I like it a lot it always gave me an impression of ‘raw and blinded fury’ something very hard to stop or move aside...like me :D (I’m not properly a small guy in real life). So I wanted a name somewhat related to it.

This will be a new beginning and I planned some other changes to this blog too, I just hope to find the time to do them :D. For the rest, except the name change, this blog will have the same content as before and links to the old blog should continue to work through redirection. I want to thank all the people that spent time in reading my articles, and I hope you will keep following me.

As an ending note, good luck to my good old friend and co-worker Alkampfer, go visit his blog at the new domain www.codewrecks.com for some good pieces of code and information!

Alessandro “Guardian” Giorgetti