I will be the main speaker at the next workshop organized by DotNetMarche (the .Net User-group I belongs to); the workshop is organized in collaboration with Microsoft and it is part of the official ‘Microsoft Days Community After Hours’ events.

I will show the basis of how to build a multi-target (Silverlight+WPF) line of business application using a lot of different technologies (like ORMs, Inversion of Control systems, etc...) and patterns (Strategy, MVP, MVVM, etc...) and how to integrate them in a framework (which I call ‘Structura’) for building pluggable and modular applications.

To be honest this is driving away all my spare time, so that’s the main reasons for the lack of updates of this month.

However after the event I will publish all the material and related code samples.

For more info or to sign up for the event please refer to our community website: www.dotnetmarche.org or go directly to the event registration page.

See you there.


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