It seems that out current hosting provider (IxWebHosting) is not able to identify the cause of the problem and is not able to fix it...we cannot apply any of the standard redirection hacks usually used in an IIS6 hosting cause they say they aren’t able to provide a custom redirection service due to how they install and run the php module under IIS6.

The strange thing is that anything worked well since a couple of days ago...then something happened and no one is able to tell what...we haven’t modified our blogs configuration and the service provider claims nothing was changed on the server.

We are working on a solution and moving the blogs and websites to a virtual server under a different provider. we have also registered some new domains to give a new ‘look and feel’ at our blogs.

In the meanwhile we had to disable the permalink support to allow anyone interested to navigate inside our blogs, the sad drawback is that the search engines have indexed our links using the permalink format and those links will be unreachable for some time.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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