The Web European Conference 2015 is over.

I’m on my way back home and I’m writing these lines; not knowing when, in the next few days, I’ll publish this post… not too late I hope.

I’m doing it right now to capture the moment and not let the feeling fade away; it has been a great experience, I had the chance to meet some very cool guys and see some friends of old again.

I had the chance to see a natural born showman like Scott Hansleman open up the conference with his keynote, and I learned a lot on what the terms ‘having stage presence’ mean; it’s definitely not an easy job if you wanna do it well.

It was also good to be back on a stage again after quite some time; I was a little scared at start: this was my first public talk in english after two plus years and I didn’t knew how rusty I was with the language and if I could keep it up.

I ‘survived’! And I’m feeeling good, I had a couple of indecision, but overral, it went way better than I tought it could have be!

I really have to say thank you to all the girls and guys involved in the organization of the event with special mention to the three major orginizers: Ugo Lattanzi, Simone Chiaretta and Gianluca Centulani; their dedication and passion made it possibile.

A personal thank goes to Ugo, he did hammered me so much to be part of the conference that eventually I couldn’t say no and I answered the call for papers just in time. Luckily one of my sessions passed the screening and was in!

So I ‘rebooted’ myself and here we are! I’m blogging again and I’ll be out there taking part in more events to meet new guys and have fun, exchanging knowledge and learning from the great professionals that spend their time sharing their experiences, most of the time for free.

Thanks to the Web European Conference for igning the flame again, see you next year! I’ll be there once again (in a way or another)!

cya next