I’m not writing many posts in the last days and the main reason is I’ve actively joined the development of Dexter a new open source blog engine written in ASP.NET MVC, you can find it on Codeplex at this link: http://dexterblogengine.codeplex.com/

When my friend Andrea Balducci, talked to me about this project I was so excited I decided to give it a try...and it was good (there’s always room for improvement, but it was good!).

I do love Wordpress, it’s a great product and works very well, why working on another blog engine then? well the answer is short: I’m a developer and I don’t know how to put my hands on the WP engine...simply cause I hate php and never spent more than a couple of hours trying to learn it.

With Dexter is all another story...C#, ASP.NET MVC, NHibernate, Castle etc etc I feel home and (even better) I have the freedom to make experiments on the core engine too.

Since I joined I focused on looking at the implementation and adding the features I needed first. So what I was working on the past days:

  • Improve the import engine to support Wordpress (I’m very close to fix all that I need), you can see a live version of my blog using Dexter at this link: http://dexter.primordialcode.com/
  • Adding a better support for Windows Live Writer improving the different Metaweblog APIs support.
    I just added the hierarchical visualization of category (no more flattening out) and the ability to post the tags related to each post using WLW (no more need to add them at the body of the message).

Here’s a screenshot of the thing:


What I’m working on now:

  • Adding the ability to tie a single Post to more than a single category.
  • Improving the import routines.

All the changes are actually in my private Branch and will be merged to the main trunk once all the developers have reviewed them.

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