Yesterday DotNetMarche presented our last workshop for this year. We talked about how write a pluggable and modular architecture that can be a starting point for building Line of Business Application in Silverlight and WPF.

I introduced the framework I’m currently working on (named ‘Structura’) which uses a series of custom controls to simulate a desktop environment in Silverlight (Dropdown menus and Windows) and that relies on IoC systems (unity, autofac, castle windsor, etc...) to implement a pluggable architecture in both Silverlight and WPF.

The framework also have some facility and helper classes that can be used to implement an MVP/MVVM patter for building the user interfaces, so we can maximize the code reuse when ‘converting’ the application from Silverlight to WPF (you just have to modify the View of each form).

I hope that those who attended enjoyed the workshop and that some interesting discussions may arise.

Structura will go Open Source soon, and I will publish all the source code in this blog and in our community website ( soon, just let me fix a couple of things.

In the meanwhile, lets look at some of pictures of the event :D

meinaction  theaudience


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