dotnet build - Microsoft.WebApplication.targets not found

Do you want to compile old Website Projects (csproj / vbproj) file with the new “dotnet build” CLI command?

NuGet - Problem starting the plugin CredentialProvider.Microsoft (timeout)

Plugin ‘CredentialProvider.Microsoft’ can fail due to timeouts!

Akka.Net 101 - an Open Source introductory course to Akka.Net

In the recent years I had a chance to work with highly concurrent systems using several development practices and patterns, like DDD, Event Sourcing, CQRS and the Actor Model, just to name a few.

Journey to the .NET Core - Application Types & Distribution Strategies

An important concept when it comes to .NET Core is Application Portability, in short where and how we are able to distribute and run our applications.

Journey to the .NET Core - Frameworks, TFM and Dependencies

When you deal with .NET projects you should keep the following concepts in mind:

Journey to the .NET Core - Windows Development Environment Setup

On the journey to learn .NET Core our entry point should be this link: .NET Core