Recently, together with Diego Guidi, Alfredo Morresi and Gian Maria Ricci, I was the speaker in the 11th workshop presented by our .net user group DotNetMarche.

We talked about solution refactoring presenting some guidelines and why/how you should do refactoring (Alfredo Morresi); then we had a session in which we presented some advances features of Resharper, one of the tool we use to help us during the refactoring activities (Diego Guidi).

The 3rd session (held by the proud owner of this blog :)) was about refactoring ASP.NET pages and controls, showing how you can refactor a completely non structured and fully hardcoded solution to reach an MVC approach, while improving the general performances of the pages/controls at the same time.

The last session (Gian Maria Ricci) was devoted to ASP.NET pages refactoring, showing you how the refactoring activity of a page or control in different components can facilitate the testing of each piece of the application.

If you are interested, the material of the workshop is available following this link: The website of the user group is in Italian (cause we are a local community), but the slides and the source code presented are written in English.

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