If you’re a fan of NHibernate, if you use it for your everyday work or just if you are curious about it, you should have not missed to register for the first European NH Day coming up this Saturday.

The Agenda is quite rich, various and with very interesting topics...it promises to be a very exciting day.

Personally I’m looking forward to meet personally some of the guys whose blogs I read on a regular basis. I’m just sad we cannot have Steve Strong presenting the Linq to NHibernate session as announced when we organized the event at first...this ‘forced’ my good fellow Alkampfer and me to step up and cover the hole.

For more info and constant updates on the event head to: http://www.nhday.eu/en.aspx

To follow us on twitter the hashtag is: #nhday

See you there...I’m sure we’ll have a great day together.

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