A new version of the Windows Live Essential Suite was released on August the 17th, you can get it here (at your own risk!); if you want to try it out you can have a very bad surprise:

after having chosen the applications you want to install, at the end of the setup the whole procedure might fail with a very informative ‘No internet connection’ error message.

You can have a look at the real problem looking at the Windows Live setup log (located in: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\WLSetup\Logs), which is usually a missing dependency or something similar.

In my case it seemed the installer was trying to download a language pack (Italian, in my case) which is not currently available and that caused the setup process to stop.

Switching all the locale information of my system to the ‘United States’ language didn’t solved the problem.

The trick to overcome this problem is simple:

- uninstall all your current Windows Live Essentials

- go to: “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Windows Live\.cache” and clean it up, this is the folder where the setup files will be downloaded

- run the setup again and when it fails hit ‘Cancel’

- go to the previous folder and rerun all the setup modules you find inside each sub-directory.

Everything should work now! (At least it did for my installation).

I’m still not able to log in MSN Messenger due the the nasty 80040154 error, it seems no-one is able to discover what’s causing it, but now I can use and test the new Live Writer again (and I’m happy with that).

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