If you get an error trying to start the debugger for a website in VS2003 after the installazion of IE7 caused by the new security settings in the browser, try the following steps maybe they can resolve your problem:
  1. Check that the site is using the 'Integrated Windows Authentication' (in IIS, site properties, Directory Security, Anonymous Access and authentication control).
  2. The user under which runs the site is a member of the 'Debugger Users' group.
  3. Verify that the same user has Full Control access right on the directory in the file system.
  4. Check the we.config to see if the debug flag is setted to true.
  5. In IE7, internet options, Security Tab, under Local Intranet add the site address (usually http://localhost/)
  6. (optional) In IE7, internet options, Security Tab, under Local Intranet, press the Custom Level button and set 'Automatic Logon with current username and password' for the 'User Authentication\Logon' setting.

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