Some days ago the .Net User Group I belong to (DotNetMarche, for those who do not know) organized an event that was part of the “Microsoft & Community Tour 2011”. We had a multi-track workshop event that was entirely devoted to the web development using some of the major CMS application frameworks we have around today.

In the main track we had the occasion to talk about one the lasted addition to the landscape: Orchard.

Due to work issues Ugo Lattanzi, that was scheduled to host a session about developing a module in Orchard couldn’t be with us, so Michele Aponte and I step up and covered his session too.

The result was a good workshop with a nice attendance that seemed to be very interested by the potentiality of this ‘new’ application framework.

Here are the slides of my “1 session and a half”, the event was in Italian language and the same is for the slides (sorry for my English readers):

Sadly I don’ have any photo about the “Fish based” Community Dinner we had after the was funny as usual with a lot of crazy guys (looking at the face of the waiter when he asked us if we wanted to end the dinner with a coffee and we ordered another first dish instead was priceless!).

See you - live - at the next event.

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