In the next few hours my first WP7 application called ‘Business Cards’ should go live with its version 1.1.

‘Business Cards’ is a digital business cards and contact info classifier application: you can take snapshot, rate, add information and categorize your contacts.

You can have detailed information about this application in its dedicated support page in this very same blog (under the WP7 section in he main menu).

‘Business Cards’ offers a trial version which is fully featured, ads free and without any limitation nor expiration time, you are not forced to buy the application in any way: you can keep using the trial version if you want.

But sadly we have a problem in the marketplace (which I discovered late) that will prevent the Trial apps to be updated in a clean way: the only way to update a trial app is to uninstall and reinstall the application, which is not good because you will end up loose your data.

Luckily enough I had provided a data backup/restore mechanism in ‘Business Cards’ (which I will also use in my next products) so, before updating, remember to perform a full backup of your data (again you can have detailed information about the procedure in the support page mentioned above).

If you have any problem with this procedure and/or something do not work keep a copy of your data and send me an email (at:, I’ll check the problem and will find a way to adapt the data to the new format.

I will (slowly) add support pages for all my other active projects and resources over time.

See you all next!