It’s time for some sparse thanksgiving, thoughts and impressions about the event.

In the first place I have to thank all the developers that stood up and took part as speakers: Oren Eini (Ayende), Rob Ashton, Gian Maria Ricci, Andrea Saltarello, Alberto Brandolini, Igor Antonacci, Luca Milan, Alberto Dallagiacoma and myself Alessandro Giorgetti (why not?!?!?).

I couldn’t follow the sessions on the second track even if they were extremely appealing...we however have the videos and maybe we can ask the guys to replicate them in some other community workshop we can organize.

A very special thank goes to Oren Eini and Rob Ashton, it was an honor and a privilege for me to meet you two face to face. It’s very rare to find guys so kind, friendly and passionate for their work as you two are. Seeing you working on RavenDB features during the presentations (while answering other people’s questions) and during our after dinner event with an absolutely crazy brainstorming session was something that you cannot see every day...sometimes I wondered how you could follow the whole conversation with one topic shot right after another without even finishing the previous one...jumping back and forth between different ideas A bocca aperta.

Also a huge thank to Fabio Maulo who couldn’t come here from Argentina, but who agreed to be available the WHOLE day, whenever we called him for the Q&A session. 

Speaking of the main track..well it was mainly a ‘one man show’ by Oren, who covered different aspects of the new NHibernate 3 between hidden gems (a couple I didn’t knew really) and worst practices.

We also had a session about how the new Linq to NHibernate provider is built and what you can do with it, hosted by my good fellow Gian Maria Ricci - perfect as ever - and myself (yay! I managed to survive it!).

As always happens the Q&A session (with Fabio Maulo as special guest via skype call) started slowly in the beginning...people have to win the shyness Sorriso , but then it skyrocketed and we had to stop the flow of questions due to the time limit.

To close the event we had a bonus session on RavenDB that made me very curious to try it and see if it can fit for some of my applications.

I couldn’t follow the second track session, so I do not have direct feedback from them yet, but according to what Rob wrote on his post event blog-post, some crazy and funny things happened there too.

I have to say it was a good event, I’ve learned new things, meet vey nice guys, made good laughs and I’m pleased to have took part in it. I also think we can improve the experience for maybe future editions.

In the end a big thank goes to all the guys in the audience that came to see the event, I didn’t expected to have so many people.

We’ll manage to publish the slides and the videos we recorded about every track on our blogs and community websites (DotNetMarche, as soon as the post-production step is completed, for now you can see the steaming recorded videos at the channel we created to broadcast the event:

All the samples used for the Linq To NHibernate track are available at this CodePlex project: we’ll add the code samples or reference to them about the other tracks as soon as we can collect them.

What’s missing? oh yeah...some photos of the event...I’ll update this post as soon as I have them.

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