Reading Tim Heuer's Blog I discovered these two very nice tools written by Karl Shifflett. They are a very nice XAML code generator to build basic business form in WPF and Silverlight, and a tool that provides a series of advanced Visualizers that interact with Visual Studio 2008 (excerpt from mole documentation: Mole was designed to not only allow the developer to view objects or data, but to also allow the developer to drill into properties of those objects and then edit them).

I played with them a bit and found that both XAML Power Toys and Mole are extremely easy to use: XAML Power Toys can speed-up the process of creating a basic business form a lot, Mole is an invaluable support during debugging sessions; both the programs are offered for FREE and they come with a very good documentation and with a series of videos/tutorials that explains how to use them.

The guys working on these projects made a very good job and their products should be part of the toolset any WPF/Silverlight developer should use (for sure they go in my favorite programs list).


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